Todo Eso

LINEA A LINEA is a collaborative zine, a gamebook, an endless social poem.

This project attempts to engage the border both with, and aside of its

geography. How do we embody border? How do we reflect upon it? Does

writing or imagery help or hinder translations of the border? How do we

interpret “the border” – geography, words, or emotions.

A series of prompts were proposed as a way to begin this process of

questioning and gesturing. We asked a group of artists to respond to these in

any way they see fit. We also invite the reader-participant to consider these

questions/exercises and add to the compilation.

LINEA A LINEA is an ongoing process – it is presented as both an archive and

a performatic workshop. The archive is comprised of the responses of various

artists and authors from Tijuana/San Diego – we offer these as a way for

readers to engage with experiences lived by bodies that have developed

alongside one of the most transited geopolitical borders, but also as a way to

speak of how borders can embody different realities for different peoples. We

hope to bring the archive to life, through a series of printed prompts. In

experiencing the unanswered prompt, audiences can engage with what border

is to them. Thinking through what the border sounds like, what border one

refuses to cross, the most emotional thing one has had to declare, among

other provocations, participants will allow themselves to take a step back

from the geopolitical implications of borders and delve deeper into their

psychological, emotional, and embodied permutations – culminating in both

an experience and voluntary additions to the archive.

Artists and authors currently in the archive include: Derrik Chinn, Alfredo

González Reynoso, Ingrid Hernández and Pieter Wisse, Jill Marie Holslin, Tae

Hwang & MR Barnadas of Collective Magpie, Haydeé Jiménez, and Pepe Rojo